Interior Decorating and Painting Photos

The Galleries below represent a sampling of our decorative paint finishes, custom murals, interior styling and furniture and cabinetry refinishing. These are examples of the endless possibilities when creating spaces to live in and love and we invite you to be inspired!


  • Bathroom with stenciled wall design
  • Bathroom with stencil design on wall
  • blue stencil design on bathroom wall
  • Stenciled wall in bathroom
  • Bathroom with stenciled wall


  • CPR bedroom
  • VG bedroom
  • SR master
  • R Guest Bed
  • EH2 bedroom

Cabinetry Refinishing

  • Len Cabinets Before _ After1
  • Lake Cabs
  • JRcabs
  • CP cabs
  • AE Cabs

Commercial Spaces

  • Druthers
  • DMG
  • PR Sunroom

Custom Furniture

  • AR dresser
  • Custom furniture painting, glazed buffet
  • LP-Hope-CHest
  • NS painted island
  • R-nightstand

Dining Rooms

  • SS Dining Room
  • PR Shimmer Rain Dining Room
  • PR Dining Room
  • Farmhouse-dining-room-styling
  • Zee refinish dining set


  • MM Kitchen update
  • DR kitchen update
  • KG Kitchen update
  • LD kitchen update
  • MB kitchen update

Living Rooms

  • SS Living Room
  • BW-sunroom
  • H-living-room
  • NS fireplace room
  • sitting room

Murals & Accents

  • Custom-mural—tree-farm
  • milky-way-mural
  • Faux-wood-plank-cement-porch
  • Glitter gold saying mural
  • JG waterfall

Specialty Finishes

  • Woodgrain shiplap faux
  • Rain dec finish1
  • Faux _ stencil
  • Custom weathered metal finish on wood stove hood
  • Brushed pearl trowel finish

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